Dishwasher Review: What’s Right for Me?

By Jan Ashbyjan ashby
When you plan a dishwasher purchase, there are significant factors to consider.  While you can do initial measurements in the kitchen as well as some online research, you should consult with your better half too.  You’ll naturally want to determine your budget first – then, as you browse online you can look at reviews on both the manufacturer’s site AND at (or similar site).

Jot down the FEATURES that the dishwasher needs to have. Do this jointly, with your partner. It’s a good idea to type this in Wordpad or EditPad, and then print it out.  Then you can take it with you, if you decide to look at models out in the real world.  This can be a useful exercise, so you can look at the RACKS as well as any special features – such as an area for large utensils.

Make sure that you have all the measurements (of your kitchen spacing) in your purse, as well as your top 4 or 5 preferences (in terms of brand);  and it could be a good idea to include on your list the warranty details.  This is an important detail you don’t want to neglect!

Actually, if you created columns for your document, it’d be very helpful.  Have one column for features, one for brand name, one for warranty, one for “extras”. You get the idea here – anything to aid you in being organized. Your spouse will appreciate the effort !

Also it’s good to know whether you’re looking for a high-end dishwasher, a small dishwasher, a portable dishwasher, a countertop dishwasher or a stainless steel dishwasher– and how many plate settings will you need it to accomplish per load?   Quiet Dishwashers

Yes, the hunt for a good dishwasher is a serious matter– start to look at factors such as:

Do you need a dishwasher that’s fast?
Do you need a dishwasher that uses less water?
Do you need a dishwasher that can clean grime off the plates (a pot-scrubber)?
Do you need a dishwasher that is heavy duty and can do 10 place settings a load?
Do you need a stainless steel dishwasher?
Do you require a quiet dishwasher?
Do you require a dishwasher that’s easy to clean?
Do you want the dishwasher to blend into your kitchen as a drawer or cabinet?

Write down your absolute needs, and prioritize all the NEEDS into a numbered list.  Incorporate this into your EditPad, or WordPad document. Next you can add any “wants” to the list. Keep this with you when you visit a dishwasher review site online, or when you go in person.

Being organized will aid you as you begin to shop online, or offline. It’ll also help if you discuss things with your partner, and decide on what’s most important in a dishwasher; you probably will want to chat this over extensively.

Equally important is how readily parts are available.    Utensils

Why Not Look Online First, Make Notes and Then Go out to Comparison Shop?

Another idea is to do a bit of online shopping at home first, then go out and see what’s available. Hit up Amazon, to read reviews about quiet dishwashers and compare prices, warranties, ease of use, etc.

Built-in Dishwashers.

These models are permanent fixtures in your kitchen. You can either opt for the popular stainless steel dishwasher, or get a dishwasher with custom paneling.

Price range: $250 to $1,600.

Who it’s best for: People with lots of room in their kitchens, and who wash large loads of dishes– and those who don’t mind the bending involved.

Average size: Width: around 24 to 30 inches; depth: around 25 inches; height: around 34 inches.

Compact Dishwashers.

A compact dishwasher is a must if you’re in an apartment or living in your RV. These days, many excellent features are offered with a compact dishwasher– they simply do a smaller load, and the appliance controls are more compact. Many of these models have almost ALL the same features of a “built-in”.

Price: $350.

Who it’s best for: People living in an RV or tight space.

Average size: Width: 18 inches; depth: 22.5 inches; height: 32.50 inches.

Portable Dishwashers.

Available in standard-size or compact– these units are useful, in that they are not permanent fixtures in your kitchen. They usually hook up to your faucet and can be rolled into a utility closet or storage area. Bear in mind it may be useful to read about the caster wheels on portable dishwashers – just do make 100 percent certain the dishwasher is of premium quality and has decent reviews online, or at

Price: $400 to $600.

Who is this type of dishwasher for: Anyone who needs a dishwasher but does not have enough room for a built-in dishwasher.

Average size: Width: around 24 inches; depth: 28 inches; height: around 36 inches.

Quiet Dishwashers .

You naturally want to look at quiet dishwashers if you have a baby in the next room. There are quiet dishwashers, and then there are super-quiet dishwashers. You need to determine which one you’ll require – i. e, it may be worth it to pay a bit extra for a “whisper QUIET” dishwasher– look at what reviewers input is.

Drawer Dishwashers.

There are 2 types of drawer dishwashers– double-drawer and single drawer. While the Drawer Dishwashers are pricey, you may want to consider this choice if you have few dishes to wash and want a unit that requires NO bending. This style of dishwasher is efficient and will save you energy. You’ll have the option to run one or both of the drawers, if you get the “double drawer” style.

Who is this best suited to: Singles or Couples.

Ultimately, the more prepared and organized you are (meaning you’ve taken the time to do online research & have consulted your spouse or loved one) the more satisfied you’ll be with your decision. If you would like to CONSULT a list of some consumer reviews such as consumerreports, you’ll do even better for yourself and your family.

With a prioritized list in hand (2 columns – 1 for “Wants” & 1 for “Must haves“), you can  eliminate some Brands & models on your first trip. Then, on your second trip you can drill down even further – plus you can inquire as to warranties and options (think energy consumption/water usage, number of cycles etc.)

If you are interested in an Amazon bosch dishwasher, you will find some good information here. And you’ll see “deal alerts” from time to time— happy shopping!

Resources: (Includes a 3 Minute Video Buyers Guide)

Information on Vast Variety of Models:  from Consumer Reports (Buyers Reviews are at BOTTOM of ea. pg)

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