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Today I ‘d like to share an article on eye health :

It pertains to my specific situation – all about my right eye- and what happened. My vision had been giving me problems for several years, and I thought Lasik was a good way to go.. Here’s my story:

To do the surgery, I had to utilize a big chunk of my life savings. Having to part with some of my hard-earned cash would have been an acceptable trade-off had the treatments been successful.

lasik surgery

I was really surprised at the outcome. I didn’t realize things could go so wrong with lasik surgery. Well, it had been so praised in the news, and in the stories on television. Just goes to show you. Now, they have something better for us middle-aged folks – supposedly – that is, the doctors suggest you have just one eye operated on – and see how it goes.

Or have Multifocal LASIK surgery – this creates more than one power on the front surface of the eye, allowing you to simultaneously see through different zones providing near, intermediate and distance vision. If I’d known about this at the time,I may have opted for it.


More Detail on Multifocal Lasik Surgery

You see, there is now sophisticated technology enabling multiple or “progressive” zones to be incorporated into artificial lenses; this basically enables sight at all distances. You see, typically, as we age we are only able to see well at one distance – we’re either nearsighted or ‘farsighted’.

For presbyopic eyes, the only currently available FDA-approved LASIK procedure provides monovision. This means one eye is corrected for better distance vision, and the other eye is corrected to enhance near vision. Only trouble with this is, some people don’t adapt well after surgery – and this can ultimately cause a loss of depth perception.

So be aware. And weigh all your options.


Here’s the story of actress Kathy Griffin:

So Was I Angry about My Investment?

Just think about it, thousands of dollars just going down the drain, with no particular hope to get any money back. I had begun with costly eyeglasses, and had then moved on to contacts – something which cost me money every few months..

In fact, I was alternating between my glasses and contacts, because neither was the perfect fit for my eyes. My glasses eyeglasses did not help me much – they did a poor job of improving my vision. Contact lenses were constantly irritating my cornea and even caused my eyes to get swollen because dirt trapped under my contacts caused an infection!
I looked absolutely ridiculous going into office with my swollen eyes. And I was afraid to glance in the mirror .. because my eyes were very red! It was at this point that I determined to “go for it”, with respect to the eye surgery..

Because of what I’d heard from friends, I thought this would be a good choice and would restore my vision.. But I was in for a big surprise! After the surgery, I walked out of the hospital feeling like a brand NEW person..

Little did I know that the vision in my right eye would start to deteriorate by the week’s end. I suffered from dizzy spells and migraine headaches on a regular basis. Well, during my next check-up, I found out that my cornea had gotten severely damaged. I was dumbfounded; I couldn’t believe this had happened, so I decided I would get a 2nd opinion.. Guess what? The other optometrists told me the same thing!

I was really worried, because I simply could not afford to spend more money as I had so many loans outstanding already. I was at the lowest point of my life.

Want to know WHAT hit next? I will tell you – I uncovered an intriguing info product by Kevin Richardson.
Wasn’t I Suspicious Though?

Now I was of course skeptical – I wasn’t born yesterday, after all. Once I was shown the product by a friend who detailed things – that is, how all his vision related issues (such as near-sightedness and lazy eye) got cleared up, I was intrigued to know more.

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to automatically trust blindly. I was concerned, and thought maybe the product was “fly by night”. Did it have any sort of guarantee? It sounded interesting enough- and if these eye exercises and advice could improve my eye problem, shouldn’t I try it out?

So here’s what happened – I went “back and forth” with myself – weighing the pros and cons, arguing with myself.. I actually put it on the back burner for several days, and read some more stuff about it on the Net. Well, time heals all things I guess – for I found some more positive feedback on the Natural Clear Vision product, and the rest is history.

The exercises have helped me a lot. Now I am happier, and more productive. And Natural Clear Vision has that 60 Day money back guarantee! I told myself, “It’s less costly than surgery, so how could I lose?”

It turned out just fine! I have transitioned to a healthier, happier person.

And the nice thing is, you do get some extra bonuses. So it’s pretty good value for the money! I’m not sorry I got this solution. It’s a comprehensive product, a very common-sense approach to things.

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