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I’d like to help you by providing a Brief Cheatsheet – when you create video, you should DO the following:

Here’s how to make a video that will bring customers straight into your store or calling for your next appointment…

[1] Keep it short.
Studies show we have an attention span of maybe 30 seconds, and it’s shrinking.
Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes, and that’s only if it is extremely interesting to the viewer.

[2] Which brings up the next point – hold their attention.
Your video should be attention grabbing from the first second all the way to the end when you deliver your call to action.

[3] Have a CTA, or call to action.
Whatever you want your viewers to do – schedule an appointment, visit your store, go to your website, etc. –
you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do in a compelling way.

[4] Have a personal message.
This could be from you or one of your employees – something that reaches out on a human level to the viewer.

[5] Convey that you know what you are talking about.
You can do this by mentioning the results you got for a client, using a customer testimonial, or citing a publication or organization that has given you kudos.

[6] Don’t talk about you, talk about them.
Customers don’t care about you and your business – they want to know how you will benefit them. Period.

[7] Add a little humor.
No need to be Louis CK, but if you can add a little humor or a light touch, it will certainly help your messaging.

[7.5] Distribute your video everywhere you can.


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