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Positive Additions to HealthyKids Info Just for U

There are 3 positive additions to the site: Alternative Medicine, Edible Herbs, and Parenting Tips are an ongoing effort to help new mothers find solid, innovative ways to help their children.

The section called Parenting Tips has articles on anxiety in children, A Few Tips for New Mothers, Divorce and Kids and Healthy Eating Guide: Eating Healthy during Pregnancy.


There are many helpful sections  – on teen obesity, exercise, weight loss, teen pregnancy and teen drinking. Oh, and I should not leave out Peer Bullying – as that is certainly a pressing concern.
As far as nutrition and meal prep go, there are articles related to gardening (Edible Herbs) and kids cooking (Meal Prep category).  Plus I also need to mention my Cookery blog – which has “Gluten Free” recipes and Healthy Italian Recipes (and a few India-based recipes).

See “Our Blogs” in the sidebar for the cooking blog.

Info Just for U has additional blogs – such as Self Improvement and Coupon Info Just for Uif you’d care to explore these, you can find them in the sidebar.

I hope you will find some helpful information – this is WHY  Info Just for U was created.


Jan Ashby