EYE FATIGUE: A Common Sense Approach for Easing Eye Tension

By Jan Ashby 

Do your eyes suffer from the stress and fatigue of using the computer all day?

There are eye exercises you can do to relieve the constant strain. In order to alleviate tired eyes, it is necessary to set aside your keyboard (or smartphone/tablet) and do some soothing exercises.

When your eyes have been tightly focused in on a screen, it helps to give them a break, yes – but aside from a standard ten-minute break built into your daily routine, you can also perform the following:

1. Face straight ahead and look up as far as possible. Move your eyes in a circular motion, glancing as far to the RIGHT as possible, and then circle the eyes down and to the left. Close the eyes and relax them for a couple of seconds. Repeat the exercise in the opposition direction, looking up first – and then circling to the left. Repeat this exercise ten times.

2. Shut your eyes. Now rub your palms together, in order to warm them up. You are going to cup your hands over your eyes, which will be shut for 30 – 90 seconds. This is essential – simply focus on your breath before gradually releasing your hands.

3. Roll your eyes in complete circles, up, right, down and left. Now repeat this in the other direction. Keep going till your eyes feel slightly fatigued.

4. For this exercise, close  your eyes and squeeze them together as tightly as possible; now open your eyes. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

5. For this next exercise, you’ll want to cross your eyes & focus on the Tip of your Nose.  Hold the position as long as you are able (2 – 4 seconds) & now close and RELAX your eyes. Begin by doing two to three repetitions, & eventually work up to ten repetitions.

6. Focus on something that is approximately 25 feet away; hold your focus for 5 seconds.  Now look at an object that is mid-range. Try to focus on it as “clearly” as you possibly can. Hold for 5 seconds.  Do the exercise 2 -4 times per day. This routine is especially helpful when performed outside – it is good for you to get up & move around, and re-focus your eyes on something at a distance.

7. Imagine yourself looking at a square. Once you have the square pictured, look up to the Right corner of this imaginary square; now look down toward  the Left corner; then up to the Upper Left corner, & finally down to the Lower Right corner.  Repeat in the  opposite direction.  Do 10 – 15 repetitions

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Meditation Exercises:  Patchouli Oil Anyone?      Patchouli Oil

You can also perform meditation exercises. Choose a quiet place to meditate – one where you are at ease & won’t be interrupted by children or LOUD noises. Preferably, you will do this in a comfortable chair; the idea is to relax your eyes and take a break – not fall asleep.

Idea: You can choose to include aromatherapy with your meditation, or not. If you like to use essential oils, you might use a diffuser during your relaxation. Essential oils such as sandalwood, patchouli, & palo santo are very grounding – and will tend to have a “calming influence”.

I generally like to use patchouli oil myself. You can find an essential oil that meets your expectations – but if I were you, I would stay away from lavender, clary sage, or oils that tend to help you relax – as you may fall asleep. Oils such as Frankincense and Helichrysum are touted to have the ability to enhance enlightenment; if you want more of an education on Essential oils, read this WIKI article.

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