The Oil Rig Job Outlook:  Important Points to Know

When you work on an oil rig, you must be in great physical shape. The hours are long, and it is challenging work.  It is not like an ordinary job, where you complete your work tasks by 5 pm and go on home.

Oil Rig entry level jobs

Most oil rig workers have twelve hour shifts and remain on site; they do not go home. If you are in good shape, and would appreciate making good money then this may be the right job position for you.

If you are industrious and plan to stick with the job, you’ll be rewarded.  The annual salary is pretty good. There are good amenities, as well (in most locations). While it may be a test of your overall endurance, you can earn big bucks for your retirement.

You will receive good training as well – which will make you a valued employee, and help you to move up the ladder.  The fact is, these skills are in HIGH demand – and work in the oil fields is not likely to dissipate any time soon.

Even in Texas – where some pundits had projected the oil output would be reducedthe demand just keeps on growing!  Indeed, stats indicate that BOTH oil & natural gas are up year over year (i.e., 2012 vs 2013).


Oil Rig Jobs


Oil Rig Entry Level Jobs: Is it Worth it?

Weigh the negatives against the positives get out your pad (or tablet), create 2 columns, and list down all the good aspects and negative aspects (such as being away from loved ones). Then make your determination.

If being able to send your kids to college is a motivator, then you may want to hit the rigs.


Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs :  Another Possibility

If by some odd chance the oil rig jobs on land dry up, you can consider off shore oil rig jobs – those that mine oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, or someplace far beneath the surface of the ocean.

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If you are grappling with a concern over possible “lean years”, you can put that fear to rest.  Studies indicate that the demand has been steadily on the rise (with little chance of abating) –  I can tell you, for  example, in Texas oil production increased  about 25 percent  from 2011 to 2012.  And as of February 2013, it’s up 23%. Total well completions stand at 3,797 for the year 2012, which is up strongly from 2,148 in 2011.

The oil industry is doing well – not only is there US demand for oil, but there shall be strong global demand for crude as other nations keep growing. Just look at China and the vast number of automobile purchases  .   Therefore, this is an industry which really cannot experience a bad year for a very long while – and jobs on offshore oil rigs often feature entertainment, excellent living facilities, saunas, workout facilities, internet, & rec rooms.

Also, your food and laundry gets covered, so you won’t have to worry about that – plus travel expenses get reimbursed.  And it’s nice you won’t have to shell out any dough for gas either (no driving).

As far as locations for doing oil rig offshore jobs, there is Norway, Canada, Brazil, India, Turkey, Russia, Oman, Pakistan, U.K. (North Sea), New Zealand, Singapore, So. Africa, Hong Kong or Indonesia.

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