The Oil Rig Job Outlook: Critical Points to Know

By Jan Ashby

The second you head to work on a rig, you need to be in outstanding physical shape. The hours are not only long, but it is exceedingly challenging at times.  You can learn to do the work alright – but you must be prepared for the lonely hours and more.  It is not like a regular job. You must have your nerves steeled for the unexpected – if a storm is heading your way, then you’ll have to do many steps to secure the rig, before you can head indoors.     Off Shore Oil Rig jobs

Oil Rig Jobs :  The Hours

Many oil rig workers have twelve-hour stints and continue to be on site; these hard workers do not go home at night, after their shift.  Instead, they remain on site. You must expect to do the same.  Now, on the assumption that you are in fantastic shape and might appreciate earning excellent cash, then this scenario may well be a good fit for you and your family.

If you are a hard worker and intend to have longevity with this rewarding career, you’ll undoubtedly do well. The yearly compensation is pretty darn good. There are great amenities, too (in most regions). While it can be a test of your overall fortitude, you will be able to attain big money for your old age or retirement.

You will get good job training as well– which will probably make you an important staff member, and help you to move up the ladder. The point is, these skills are in GREAT demand– and business in the oil fields is not likely to dissipate any time soon. Even if you started out as a rig welders assistant (or other assistant position), you’d learn the craft – that’s the IMPORTANT thing – to get your foot in the door, and MAKE yourself “invaluable”. 

In fact even in Texas— where some pundits had said the oil output would dwindle away or at least be reduced — the demand just simply keeps on expanding! In reality, official stats show that BOTH oil & natural gas are increasing year over year this last year.


Rig Welder Job:  What Gives?    Rig Welder Job

Okay, say you’ve got welding experience – what should you expect, in an offshore oil rig job position?  I can tell you that it’d be best if you’ve gone to a technical or trade school.  This is not the sort of thing where you’d want to be caught not knowing your trade.  So if you’re very young and are reading this (17, 18, 19 years old), it is advised you attend a trade school first.

Either that or undergo a welding apprenticeship.  Then, when you apply for the gig, you may want to hire on as a roustabout this is because you’d be able to first learn the “procedures and protocol” unique to OFFSHORE work.  You would likely be shown the ropes by an experienced welder (& be put to work soon thereafter) soon thereafter.

After all, they are in need.  Now – in terms of training and certificates necessary – there’s HUET (helicopter underwater escape training), First Aid training,  and Survival training. You may also need a firefighters certificate.

In the end, you’ll likely be glad you got this training -it could keep you from perishing in a helicopter crash at sea.  Look into this.  Read and watch Videos on the subject.


OFFSHORE Oil Rig Life: A Documentary

Ponder the downsides against the upside – get out your pad (or tablet), construct 2 columns, and list down each one of the outstanding points as well as adverse aspects (such as being far from loved ones). Now you’ll be able to make your decision.

If being able to create a retirement fund, or having the ability to travel when you retire appeals to you , then you might want to hit the rigs.

Off Shore Oil Rig Jobs: An Opportunity?   oil rig worker salary

If ever by some queer coincidence the oil rig jobs on land dry up, you can look at off shore oil rig jobs— those which dig for oil in Indonesia, the North Sea, Brazil, Australia (offshore) or some other place far under the surface of the sea.

If your circumstances are that you want to be able to send your kids to a good college, then oil rig positions that are off shore could appeal to you.  As long as you have come to a good understanding with your family, have the proper travel visa and are in excellent health . Then too, there is a matter of certificates and training – you will likely need to get your firefighting certificate, so you’ll be well prepared in the event of a fire ..

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Attention: Offshore Living Quarters Info

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To score some in-depth info on the topic of “offshore living quarters“, please see this page.

How is Job Longevity – Is This Gig Secure?

In terms of job longevity – this is definitely a solid job that can last for MANY years and feed your family.  Yes, the oil industry is doing well– not only is there US demand for oil, but there shall be strong global demand for crude as other nations keep growing. Just look at China and the vast number of automobile purchases.  

Also, your food and laundry gets covered, so you won’t have to worry about that– plus travel expenses get reimbursed. And it’s nice you won’t have to shell out any dough for gas or upkeep on your vehicle.

When you are employed on an oil rig, you must be ready to do whatever they ask – and without DELAY.   You must have the proper attitude. It is not the usual job position, where you can challenge things or expect to have a sit-down lunch.  In fact, I happen to live in North Dakotaand I have heard from workers that sometimes you may get just 5 minutes to eat something – then it is back to the grind.

I do hope you have found this article illuminating.  I am posting some additional videos at the bottom too – these are the 3 video links at the bottom, & one is a 38 minute documentary on offshore oil rig engineering (how the structures were built, etc).

This is a market which you may want to EXPLORE as you genuinely cannot suffer an adverse year for a while, and you get excellent training that you can use in the Future — plus the gigs on offshore oil rigs generally feature entertainment, nice living facilities, saunas, workout facilities, and of course job security.

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